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Recently resettled back into our Texas roots after a 2.5 year hiatus in Illinois, morethanavisit is a way for us to chronicle our challenges, stories, adventures, food, travels, and to share our life with our family and friends. Matt is thrilled to return to his home state: the land of good barbecue, Mexican food, and never missing a Dallas Cowboys game. Embracing  the south, Rachel was born in Missouri and has adapted to the Texas way of life, especially HEB. Eva boasts a year of life under her belt, the ability to walk, and a unconditional love of refried beans.

We are beyond excited to be back in Texas and are seeking the Lord in all things and open to His plan for us in our new home.

Matt: goofy, intelligent, godly, leader, kind, and friendly. Striving to be a godly husband and leader.

Rachel: silly, smart, witty, ornery, organized, and friendly. Striving to be a godly and supportive wife.

Eeva: cute, new to the world, learning, changing every day.



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  1. David Burmaster May 23, 2012 — 4:40 pm

    I love this blog. :)

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