Imagine my best cringe face.

How in the heck has it been so many months since I last blogged?

Was it the figuring out how to have two kids thing? Or the busy-ness of life thing? Or the getting a puppy thing?

And now welcome to the next big season of life. We’re moving. Again.

Still in Texas though. But, Texas IS a big state, so we’re moving more specifically to San Antonio. You see, Matt had been looking for jobs for close to a year with no real progress. Driven by a lack of ambition and a toxic work environment, he was just done with that position. So, after searching for several months trying to stay in DFW, we opened the search up to other cities in Texas.

Then comes San Antonio. Within a couple weeks of applying several places there, he got three interviews with three different companies who might be interested in him. And those interviews turned into more interviews with one company in particular. And those interviews turned into a job offer. It’s hard to believe that he’s already been down there for almost three weeks!

So, as things progress for us to move down there, we are in process to sell our house here, buy one there, pack our home, figure out how to navigate life together but apart due to distance, parent well in transition, just to name the big things.

Have patience as I can now count “the moving thing” as another potential deterrent from consistent blogging. I do so wish that I had energy and drive to maintain this blog as I have in the past, but such is life.

How about you just enjoy this photo of the kids as they’ve changed SO much since I last wrote…





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  1. Hey welcome to our neck of the woods! We’re just an hour up the road. Where is Matt’s new job? Also your son looks just like you!!

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