When is Baby #2 Coming?

wish I knew the answer to that question. Regardless of outcome, babies come when they want to most of the time.

Let’s back up and let me mention that there will not be a Week in Photos post because…well, you’ll read below, but we’ve been kind of distracted.

Technically, I’m 12 days from my due date, which this normally wouldn’t get me anxious, but last week when I went to my appointment with the midwife she mentioned that she doubts I’ll make it to April.

“Yippee!” my heart cried. I’m uncomfortable and feeling very ready physically, emotionally, mentally to have this little one join our family.

THEN. Last weekend. It was such a tease. Several rounds of timeable, intensifying, but start and stop (?) contractions, the longest being about 8 hours (!), it was not easy. In fact, it has been physically and emotionally exhausting to be on edge for when it really is “go time”.

Here I am as I type this still pregnant. And let me stop here for a moment and say that 1) I’m so very grateful that I’ve been able to get pregnant and remain so to full term, that is a blessing that some do not get to experience and 2) I fully recognize that my desire to have baby arrive sooner is a result of selfish motivations, and 3) I know life won’t be easy once baby arrives…newborns are a lot of hard work; add in a toddler, husband working full time and in school, I know that the transition ahead has the potential to be really tough on us all.

So, I guess my intentions in sharing all this: there is a lesson (or multiple) to be learned. Matt and I have processed several different times this week what those lessons might be and I’m feeling like they should be shared.

The first is to wait expectantly…but to be waiting for Jesus. Our life has been revolving around timing contractions, preparation for “just in case”, and trying to plan ahead with all the unknowns before us. BUT, how often do I live that way with the return of Christ in mind? Not often enough, let me tell you. What a convicting thought that my life should be anticipating Christ’s return and truly living like it to the same extent (if not more!) in exactly the same way we are waiting for this baby to come.

Our second lesson is in being confident that God will bring us through our struggles; we’ve had a bit of craziness with our house this week and issues that just cannot be put off, Matt’s had a ton of work projects come up that he dreads facing every day, and of course, we are parenting a 16-month-old who is becoming very passionate about making her wants known. But God has the power to bring us through each one of these things. And we are becoming more dependent on Him for strength and endurance to persevere through each one. We know that we can face our struggles because He will bring us through it that all glory might go to Him.

So, while baby is tucked away and seems very content to remain that way (at least for now), we are trying to live expectantly for the Lord and rely on Him continually.

What do periods of waiting teach you about God?



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  1. It’s good to read what you’ve been going through. I haven’t wanted to pester you with text, which would just really be reminders that baby is still occupying your body. I know how to better pray for you all and I’ve been keeping my phone on at night…right next to my head… Just in case 😉

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