Family Date

IMG_3382Another goal that we had for our family this year was to be intentional in taking “Family Dates”; these are purposeful times set aside to go experience something new and spend time together. Typically we plan them spontaneously, so not necessarily every month, but we might look ahead in the calendar and search for a slow weekend morning that we could block just for us.

We had every intention of our family date happening a couple weekends ago, and then we got super sick…so, we delayed it by a week.

I had been hearing about a new-ish restaurant close to home as well as a newer coffee shop (both opened earlier this year) and I was desperate to try them both out, so we decided to head out early on a Saturday morning. Eva made this very easy on us as I seem to recall she woke up around 6a and was a hungry little girl by the time the restaurant opened.IMG_3406

We ended up at Taco Heads, a food truck turned brick and mortar over in the Fort Worth cultural district. They have four breakfast taco options and weIMG_3390 ended up getting one of each plus an extra for Eva. I think Matt and I both favored the ‘Wright Bacon & Egg’ taco with the ‘Pan-Fried Papas & Egg’ as a close second. The other two tacos were very good as well, but not as flavorful as the other two. Because we were there very soon after opening, we were the only customers. I can see why I’ve been hearing so much about it-the food was delicious, it has a fun atmosphere that I could see being very fun in the evening hours and service was great. We’ve decided we’ll have to return for the dinner taco options and to snag some of their famous queso.

After eating our tacos, we headed to the coffee shop. Unbeknownst to us it is a cash only establishment–I was so wishing we had known that and we would have planned better! The barista did offer us a free cup of coffee, but we declined in favor of returning on a day when we had cash to be able to get what we really wanted. Instead, we headed to another coffee shop that we hadn’t yet visited called The Cup, known for being an Italian style coffee shop. We had SO much fun, the owner was so sweet, friendly, and recommended a toasted s’more drink for me while Matt ordered his standard cappuccino. We were both thrilled (and Eva enjoyed the frothy warm milk) to find a nice little neighborhood place. We decided we’ll have to go back to original coffee shop plan when we have a bit of cash on hand and that we’ll have to return to The Cup for their evening wine and apps service.


We’re hoping to have a special family date later this month as we anticipate closing the season of being a family of three. Anyone have any restaurants or family activities in DFW for us to try?


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