Slow Bone BBQ Review – Dallas

After recently visiting Hard 8 BBQ in Coppell, we have started trying to explore as many BBQ places as we can around the area (without going broke). As my coworker and I scoured the Irving area for best BBQ places, I came across Slow Bone BBQ which is not in Irving but only a 12-15 minutes drive from our work. So once again, we were off and looking forward to some good BBQ. After looking at the reviews, I was excited to try this place. It comes from Jake Perkins, the owner of the renowned Dallas burger joint, Maple and Motor, so my hopes and expectations were high. They are only open from 11a to 3p daily but also provide catering options for anyone with a big party. After a long morning, it was time to go see what the fuss was all about.

Atmosphere/Logistics: 3/5 As I read some of the reviews about Slow Bone, one of the biggest complaints regarded parking and the reviewers were not lying. Slow Bone is on a small piece of property that has limited parking options. Some options are even double parking so if you pull in first, you may not be able to leave until you find the person behind you. The lot was full for the lunch time crowd and we ended up parking in an industrial park across the river and took a short walk. Once we got to the door, there was a small sign that said additional parking at the old Off Site Kitchen location; but that was now not helpful to us. We got in the short line that moved quickly; the people were helpful and quick in taking orders. The signage was alright as far as your meal and what came with it, although, the sandwich was listed under the platters which made it seem like they came with the sides, but they actually didn’t. The interior was full of typical BBQ paraphernalia and had a slight whiff of smoke, but nothing overpowering and we definitely didn’t smell like smoke as we left. Seating can be a bit tight if there is crowd, so keep in mind or you may want to get it to go.

Meat: 4.5/5. I got the sliced brisket sandwich and I must tell you the brisket was amazing. It had a wonderful smoke ring around it and it was tender and juicy and everything you could possibly want in BBQ brisket. I hesitate at giving it a 5 only because I feel like it lacked a little seasoning but otherwise, it blew me away.

brisket sandwich with jalepeno mac & cheese and potato salad
Brisket sandwich with jalepeno mac & cheese and potato salad

Sauce: 4/5. The standard sauce that comes with the meat has a wonderful dark red color and has a great taste to it. It is generally thin but is thick enough to stick to the meat and the sauce and meat are paired well. It seems like they spent their time finding the perfect sauce for the different meats: the sauce is a mixture of Texas and Missouri with a bit of sweetness, yet also tastes of vinegar. They do offer a house-made Sriracha BBQ sauce that is one of the best hotter BBQ sauces I have had. It is not too hot but definitely packs some heat.

Sides: 4/5. Thinking I got two sides with my order (which I didn’t realize they did not come with my meal until I paid, which is my own fault for not understanding the signage I guess), I ordered the jalepeno mac and cheese and the horseradish cream potato salad. Both were absolutely fantastic and I still dream about that mac and cheese. It was so creamy with a slight bit of heat but with so much cheesy goodness. The potato salad was also good but after a few bites, it became very one note and somewhat boring. Still, I appreciate the creativity for adding the horseradish.

Overall: 4/5. The parking situation was the biggest downfall for me and biggest detractor. The signage could be a bit more clear. The people were friendly and it had a decent vibe and atmosphere although it doesn’t necessarily scream BBQ joint. The brisket was fantastic and I am looking forward to trying the other meat options. I am also looking forward to the hush-puppies and getting that mac and cheese again. I liked Slow Bone and thought it lived up to expectations but it definitely didn’t blow me away. The prices are on par with most BBQ places, but the sandwich itself was a nice size with plenty of meat and the bread was also very good. It is worth checking out Slow Bone to try this hidden gem.


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