Baby #2 Progress

FullSizeRenderOk, so we’re just under a month away from Baby #2’s due date. Cue panic, anxiety, and excitement. I’m getting excited to 1) meet our little baby and 2) not be pregnant anymore. On the other hand, I’m getting so sad thinking about the fact that our days as a family of three are coming to a close. I know we’ll find our groove and the transition won’t be easy (is it ever?), but life never seems to stay the same, and we especially know it won’t with another person in the house!

Since Eva is still so young, the preparation for Baby #2 has been pretty minimal in the standard sense of “what do I need to buy”. Our needs are very little this time around: we were blessed with many materials things for Eva from generous family and friends that we’ll easily be able to use again plus besides the clothes Eva wears now, everything  is gender neutral and I LOVE it!  My (unsolicited) advice is to not find out the gender of your child-or do and then don’t tell anyone-so that you can reap these kind of  “Team Green” benefits.

So, what has actual prep for baby looked like? Maybe 6ish weeks ago Matt and I were talking and suddenly realized that we had 10 weeks left before this baby is due and we hadn’t done one.single.thing. We decided then and there to start making a list because there’s no way we could remember everything that we (in an ideal world) would accomplish.

A few things on that list:

  • Create a registry-even though we don’t need much, you get coupons!!!image1 (1)
  • File 2015 Taxes
  • Make 2-3 dozen freezer breakfasts, 8-10 freezer meal dinners
  • Pre-register at the hospital and pack hospital bags
  • Revisit birth plan, write a plan for care for Eva while in the hospital
  • Deep clean

So, you see, this time it’s more about what can I get done ahead of time to make my life easier once we have two children. GOSH! TWO KIDS! Matt and I set out a plan, aiming to have most of these things accomplished by 36ish weeks because really, who wants to be deep cleaning with a toddler while massively pregnant? I’m happy to share that of everything on the list, we’ve accomplished them all, except, I’m making freezer meal dinners as I go: from now until the baby comes, I’m doubling one recipe a week and throwing it in the freezer…my count is currently at six. There are a couple other minor things that really can only come together at the last minute or within a couple days of us coming home from the hospital, so we’re not stressing on those!

It feels good to have an illusion of being “ready”, whatever that means. I think now that these tangible to dos are out of the way, we can start to prepare more spiritually, emotionally, and mentally for the welcoming of a new person into our lives and family.


I’m so thankful we will be bringing home a new little person but I confess that I’m not prepared for the labor/delivery/birth process at least mentally. You’d think that since I was able to have an intervention free birth with Eva that would give me confidence to do it again, but the reverse has happened to where I really feel nervous because this time I know how much work labor and delivery are…and I’d like to avoid the pain that comes with it!

I know it will be good in the end; whatever happens will happen and I’m truly trying to rest knowing that God is ultimately in control. Regardless, it brings me so much comfort to know that all I can do “make the horse ready for the day of battle”, i.e. prepare, but know that “victory belongs to the Lord” (Proverbs 21:31).


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