Week 9 in Photos

Guys, this “week” started out with us all getting some sort of stomach bug that we are still working on getting over. Sensitive stomachs, nights with little sleep, and LOTS of toast have been the ongoing saga in our house.

BUT, I haven’t strayed from taking at least a couple photos.

Eva was such a momma’s girl this weekend while sick; we all treasured the snuggles with each other!
image1 (1)
My goal was that by March 1 all the big things to do for Baby #2 would be done. I didn’t quite make my goal, but I did manage to get our hospital bags packed this week! How can it be so close already?!
We changed pediatricians so that we weren’t driving 30 minutes to/from the old doctor’s office; having two babies makes you do things like that just for the convenience factor. Eva had her first well-check with them this week and she’s a healthy and growing 15 month old!
One of the remaining but not urgent things to do on the list to prep for Baby #2 was to make some freezer breakfasts. A couple weeks ago I worked on some breakfast sandwiches and made 3 dozen pancakes for Eva and I. After recuperating from this weekend, I mustered enough energy to make 2 dozen breakfast tacos that are ready and waiting!
A co-worker randomly gifted Matt an extra mini-grill this week which is fun because we already have a propane grill, but sometimes charcoal is a nice change. Bonus points for being able to take this one camping. My two worker bees putting the grill together.

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