Matt and I have been together through five New Years Eves; and haven’t had plans for any of them.

A brief recap:

NYE 2011: We were a couple days from moving to Chicago and newlyweds which meant we were packing our apartment up. I remember vaguely meeting friends for beers at one of our favorite places, but no parties or fancy celebrations.

NYE 2012: We had been in Chicago for almost a year but still not made many friends; we used the excuse of the new year to make a few creative and fancy dishes to share and enjoyed them at home.

NYE 2013: We spent a week in DFW for Christmas and came back to Chicago and several (8+) inches of snow that Matt bravely drove home in. Ours was one of the last flights out of Love Field in Dallas. Since we had been gone for over a week, our only option was to call in an order to Buffalo Wild Wings and walk the short distance from our house.

NYE 2014: Even though we had moved back to Fort Worth, we also had a 6 week old, so our schedule was a bit frazzled. I don’t think we actually were awake at midnight: new parents, new baby and all that.

So now you know, we’ve really not had “official” plans; what it boils down to is that most of the time we’re kind of lame. Honestly, we’re both not the types to really love a NYE party, but the other side of it is, I have a really hard time staying awake past 11pm…


Anyways, we didn’t have any plans this year either (surprise, what with our glorious track record)…Until…

NYE 2015: Up until December 30th, we had no plans. THEN, in a quick turn of events, we ended up at the Cotton Bowl. A generous donor to the organization I work for gifted multiple tickets and parking passes available to employees, so we entered the raffle and won two tickets. Having no allegiances to either team, but realizing how great the tickets were (oh hey, club level seating), we asked my mom to care for Eva and headed out.

I’d never been to AT&T Stadium, otherwise known fondly as “Jerry World” in DFW and while I don’t generally make it a point to visit various sports arenas, I’d heard of the grandeur and spectacle. It was extremely impressive, the video board is not a joke, it actually is that big and that clear. And the club level seating…very nice! It felt fancy with a special entrance, very nice restrooms, and food fancier than your standard ballgame fare.


While the game was something of a blowout and we didn’t stay the entire duration, we were extremely thankful for the opportunity and I was glad to be home before midnight. What a fun and unexpected way to spend our New Year’s Eve!


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