Week 3 in Photos

Ok, another week and we managed to capture some pretty decent photos of what we’ve been up to! Unfortunately, we missed out on some hilarious moments with our small group and the playdate we had late last week, but we’ll continue to improve, I’m sure.

Our chocolate cheesecake pie from the weekend.
Matt took some beautiful photos of Eva on Sunday afternoon; she loves just sitting on the driveway throwing acorns.
image3 (2)
Toilet paper un-roller extraordinaire and will only wear one sock most days.
image1 (2)
Eva’s been teething most of the week (read fussy and lots of drool) that turned into being sick, so we read these two books nonstop, and took a lot of naps on the couch.
How have I made it almost 29 years without making a ham? It happened this week, and we’re enjoying leftovers in a quiche.

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  1. Love the picture of Eva and the TP… Haha, so great!

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