Eva’s Second Christmas

Last year, Eva was a month old, so Christmas with a newborn was pretty chill. By that time, we had sort of figured out a routine (kind of), and Matt and I ended up cooking Christmas dinner for our celebration with his family.

This year, we had a 13 month old and it was really fun to watch her on Christmas Day. No, she doesn’t quite know what’s happening, but watching her very cautiously peel away tiny pieces of wrapping paper was endearing and cute yet also extremely slow. We knew that Eva’s grandparents would all shower her with many wonderful gifts, so we kept our gifts to her very thoughtful yet simple. We took a number of photos of her wanting to capture the fun moments and watch her expressions-hopeful that she would enjoy everything.

Here’s a little glimpse into Christmas morning at our house:

Tiny pieces of wrapping paper to get to the book.
NOT an immediate fan of the baby doll.
Dad helped convince her the baby is nice.
Assembling the wagon.
Going for a ride Christmas morning.

I can’t wait to watch her next year; not only will she be just over 2 years old, she’ll have a younger sibling to “help” with.


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  1. Yay subtle baby announcement!

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