Week 2 in Photos

I didn’t do as well documenting this week with our nicer camera, but you’ll still be able to see  what we’ve been up to. Maybe next week we’ll be more exciting…or I’ll improve my documenting!

Remember how we went to Starbucks last week? Eva went through the recycling bin to find my cup and took it to her room. When I found her, she was having a chat with her bear.
Matt and I finally got to celebrate our anniversary with a trip to the movies. In our defense, we did not go to a single movie in 2015 and both wanted to see Star Wars on the big screen.
Started a new study with my women’s group, Jen Hatmaker’s 7. Eva loves to flip through books so she was checking it out for me!
Finally found a from scratch gluten-free chocolate cake recipe that was delicious!


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