2016 Goals

Happy New Year!

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year. I know the three of us aren’t quite ready to move on with life and get back into our normal routine…but at the same time I’m also trying to welcome the familiarity of knowing what to expect (for the most part) each week. We’ve been spending a lot of time together as a family, especially while Matt has been on break from school. Knowing we just have a week left of freedom makes me a bit sad.

In addition to a lot of family time, and the frustration/resolution of renovating our bathroom unexpectedly (more to come on that later), we’ve been reflecting on 2015 and formulating goals for our family, and for Matt and I individually. I’d like to share some of them with you today. I’m sure these are things I’ll be blogging about, so here’s your frame of reference.

The last couple years Matt and I have both had some semblance of setting goals in the new year. Matt’s were very intentional, written down, and posted in a place where he could easily refer to them. Mine were usually just one or two fun goals, not usually written down. This year was different however, we took time together to 1) reflect, because its important to think about where you’ve been, and 2) set goals as a family. In the couple days leading up to when Matt and I sat down to talk about and write our goals, we heard a couple really encouraging things about why and how you might set goals.

The first lesson was in a sermon at our church. They pastor encouraged the church body to consider why you set goals; he gave the example that if you’re choosing to set the goal of working out more, or eating healthy to think about your motivations. Are you wanting to be healthier so you look good and feel better about yourself (which I should point out there is nothing inherently wrong with this, only that it can become an idol)? Or, are you wanting to glorify God with the temple He gave you, and honor Him with the one body you’ve been given?

The second lesson was from an email devotion I receive from Paul Tripp Ministries; it comes on Wednesday and the main thought of the devotion was that “you don’t need a big resolution to change your life, because your life is defined by 10,000 little moments. Jesus Christ is present and active in all these small, seemingly insignificant moments, and he has resolved (by his life and death) to rescue you from sin and transform you into his likeness.” I love this-just because you set goals or make resolutions doesn’t mean your life will automatically change-its in the small, everyday moments where you’re allowing yourself to be led by the Spirit to make choices that ultimately glorify Him.

So, here you go. A partial list of our goals for 2016…
1. Maintain an easily managed budget-less is more so that we keep up this habit.
2. Matt & Rachel make time to go on one date per month.
3. Put $x,xxx into savings for the year.
4. Take a family vacation.

1. Commit to make 1-2 recipes per week from The Professional Chef.
2. Read 30 books.
3. Complete one cycle of Whole30.
4. Blog 1-2 times per week.
5. Document our family more through photography-taking a minimum of 5 photos per week on our nice camera to upload to the computer and put together a family photo album for 2015.

What are some of your goals for 2016?


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