I’m sure you’ve noticed, if you’re not reading this via email or in an app, that we’ve made a few changes around here.

A lot of lifestyle guidance suggests that if you enjoy the way something looks, you’ll be more likely to use it and enjoy yourself. We were honestly tired of the last couple themes and organization that we had been tracking with. So, while we’re enjoying the break Matt has from school, we decided to tackle our blog. We’re in the midst of blog revival, brainstorming, and dreaming up post ideas, but we also want to like what we present aesthetically. To our small (but very loyal) following of friends and family,  hopefully you enjoy the fresh look, and for us it will hopefully be a nice inspiration to stay engaged in writing and thinking about blogging and photography.

I’ve got a few blog posts coming your way in the next couple weeks, featuring everything from our non-traditional Christmas dinner (and how trying new recipes works!), as well as some Christmas DIY decor, a unexpected bathroom remodel, joys and challenges of having a now 1 year old, goals for 2016, and my completed book list from 2015.

Stay tuned!



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