Method Coffee Review

Matt and I have gotten into a habit of trying to explore new coffee shops or bakeries when we have some down time. With the baby in tow, it is the perfect way to get out of the house and try something new. Needing a final stop for our day in Dallas, Matt suggested Method Coffee. We hadn’t been before, but had heard about it and driven by, so we were excited to add it to the agenda.

Even after a long day of standing in line for BBQ at Pecan Lodge, enjoying the brews at Deep Ellum Brewing Co., and generally being in the heat, Method was a welcome haven for tasty drinks, air conditioning, and great conversation with friends.method coffee interior

Method Coffee is nestled in between Deep Ellum, Bryan Place, and Old East Dallas neighborhoods at the intersection of Ross Ave. and Hall Street. With a large sign on the side of the building, it isn’t easily missed. Inside, the cozy atmosphere seats about 20 people. The seating arrangements aren’t meant for larger groups, but it seemed a popular place for individuals to be productive whether they were there to read, work, or visit with a friend.

Don’t expect to see the menu overhead, instead you’ll take in the ambiance of the brick wall with neat shelving that features some of the various methods they use to make coffee. The baristas were exceptional–they were attuned to the various methods of coffee making and explained very clearly the tasting notes that you might get should you choose to order your coffee via Chemex or Kyoto cold brew. A very small menu is available on the counter where you can select your coffee, chat with the barista, and pay for your item(s). As patrons, we were very impressed with their knowledge, passion, and dedication to delicious coffee, a hallmark you don’t usually see unless you’re in a specialty shop.

coffee flightNoticing the option for a “coffee flight”, Matt and I chose our standard cappuccino and the flight with the options for an espresso, the Yama (or Kyoto–a Japanese method for brewing coffee), house brewed kombucha, and the traditional drip coffee. Yeah, we knew we’d be loaded up with caffeine, but one thing is for certain, we take advantage of the offerings when we’re at a coffee house!

Of the options we chose, my favorite by far was the kombucha–yeah–not even the coffee! I’ve only recently started to enjoy kombucha so I was surprised I enjoyed it as much as I did, but with the tastes of basil, citrus, and cucumber infused into the fermented tea, it was the most refreshing drink. Matt enjoyed the cappuccino the best: it was simple, smooth, and well made with beautiful artwork.cappuccino

If you’re in the neighborhood, and interested in trying a craft coffee house, we completely recommend Method Coffee.


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