A Review of Curly’s Frozen Custard

I’m a total snob when it comes to frozen dairy. There is a distinct difference to me in the texture, taste, and creaminess when you order for ice cream vs. custard vs. yogurt. A custard differs from yogurt and ice cream in that the recipe includes eggs that give it a more creamy texture while typically remaining cold for longer than its counterparts. This level of dedication to frozen confections has required long hours of work and the consumption of A LOT of delicious treats.custard

Unfortunately, there aren’t many non-chain options for custard in Fort Worth that are both reasonably priced and high quality. Enter, Curly’s Frozen Custard. I love the unique flavors they produce with great quality, attention to detail, and even two “mystery ingredients”.  Curly’s menu at first glance may seem small, however, they have found the perfect combination of the tried and true favorites along with a special flavor every month to add something different.

The casual patio atmosphere is a little shaded oasis for delicious frozen custard. Walk up to the window to place your order or use the drive through. Expect it to be busy, especially during summer evenings when people are out looking for a sweet treat that is both tasty and cold.

The Parker County Peach concrete
The Parker County Peach concrete

Other than the frozen custard, Curly’s is known for their concretes. What’s a concrete you say? According to their website, ” a concrete is a cup of frozen custard so thick and solid that, when you turn it upside down, the spoon and the mixin’s don’t even move.” That sounds delicious to me! Curly’s has a list of 8 popular concrete options if you’re looking for something fruity, chocolate-filled, or some of their favorite combinations of mix-ins with vanilla custard. If you’re in the mood to create your own, pick from their list of custard flavors and over 30 mix-in options for something unique to your taste buds. Other frozen confections served include sundaes, shakes, malts, and floats and although not as popular, are also quite tasty.

Chocolate concrete with Oreo mixin
Chocolate concrete with Oreo mixins

Curly’s also has several food offerings for  their customers. They take great pride in serving Nathan’s hot dogs and some of the best Frito Pie in Fort Worth. Although you won’t find many heading to Curly’s just for dinner, if you’re craving something savory instead of custard, they have a nostalgic food menu serving just a few specialty items.

On a recent visit to Curly’s, Matt was craving chocolate; he created his own concrete with chocolate custard with  Oreo mix-in. It was a great combination–the chocolate  is so full of flavor and the milky creaminess of the custard is so rich; with the Oreo added, the chocolate flavor was off the charts good.  I inquired about the famous Parker County Peach frozen custard, thankfully, they still had it!


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