Vacation Week in Photos

Aren’t the first couple days back to “real life” after vacation so hard?! Ugh. Perhaps in an attempt to live in the past (aka, last week), I’m happily recounting our days and time together. Maybe it was the delicious new restaurants we were able to try, or the fun activities we had planned, or simply that we got to spend so much time together, either way, just know the past couple days have been real rough around here.

I already talked about Dinosaur State Park, but here’s a sample of our week in photos with a little bit about each day:

Monday-Dinosaur State Park (read our post here), and Matt worked on our bathtub faucet.

Eva “helps” dad at every opportunity

Tuesday-Homestead Farms I’d heard about Homestead Farms in Keller through a couple friends and knew it was a local farm with a small pumpkin patch. The pumpkin patch was free but they ask that you support the farm by purchasing a pumpkin or produce which they had available in their little store. We also picked up some honey from a farm in Haslet and coffee from a roaster in Dallas. #supportlocalbusiness #eatlocal They also had goats, pigs, and a horse to check out which Eva thoroughly enjoyed…from a distance.

Family selfie at Homestead Farms
Not exactly sure about the brown pumpkin

Wednesday-Caldwell Zoo and Tyler Rose Garden in Tyler, TX. We took an overnight trip to Tyler just to get away. After picking up some donuts at Glazed in Dallas, we met my brother Mark in Tyler for lunch at Stanley’s Barbeque. We spent our afternoon at the Caldwell Zoo and Tyler Rose Gardens and ate dinner at Villa Montez in Tyler.

Making friends at the Caldwell Zoo in Tyler
Crawling through the gardens at Tyler Rose Garden

Thursday-Tyler State Park and Tiger Creek Wildlife Refuge. Up early for a 2.5 mile hike at Tyler State Park, we loved the jaunt through the pines of East Texas. Not far from the State Park is Tiger Creek Wildlife Refuge, an animal sanctuary specifically for tigers, lions, and other cats; they have space for over 40 cats, and we saw about 30 of them on their guided tour.

Hiking at Tyler State Park
On safari at Tiger Creek Rescue in Tyler

Friday-Overnight Thursday Eva spiked a fever, and with the rain in DFW, we decided to stay (mostly) home and rest on Friday. We did go to an afternoon doctor appointment and ended up having to pick up some more medicine for her.

image1 (2)
Unhappy being sick with a fever

Saturday-Eva was back to her old self by noon Saturday and so we bundled her up for some trick or treating with another family, and participated in an outreach in our neighborhood handing out free hotdogs and candy to trick or treaters. We returned home smokey from the bonfire and full on hotdogs and candy, but it was a great way to end the week.

image2 (2)
Halloween ladybug

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