Yeah, so apparently we’re the people who get excited about writing again, restart our blog, and then go on vacation.

We’re on vacation this week, but we get the pleasure of staying at home. Matt had extra vacation days that don’t roll over into the new year, and thus, we’re enjoying this week as a family.

With our to do list of around the house items and some fun outings planned, we’re getting to know our city a bit better (despite living here for a couple years now), visiting new restaurants, we have a couple day trips planned to get out and hike, and of course, its the season for visiting a pumpkin patch.

Originally our plans had us staying at home yesterday and today so we could knock out our to do list because work first, then play. BUT, informs us that Friday and Saturday we’ll be seeing rain and storms and of course those were the days we had outdoor activities planned…SO, this is what we like to call “being flexible”.

Yesterday was a full day that began with us heading out to Glen Rose, TX and Dinosaur Valley State Park. Armed with our hiking boots, the Ergo, and a backpack full of snacks and water we drove about an hour south, paid our entrance fee, and decided on the trails we’d take. I’d looked at the map of the State Park a couple times prior and saw that the trails were nestled on either side of the Paluxy River but little did we know that there were no bridges to actually cross the river. Also, hey there Patricia, thanks for all that rain the last few days and making the river super high. Um, I understand that its cool to walk over huge rocks through the river, including the ones that have “dinosaur tracks”, but seriously, who didn’t think about the river being high and the need for bridges? Also, what about people who don’t like water?


So, we stuck to the side of the river we had parked on, and still were able to take a nice 2 mile (give or take) hike. It was beautiful, relaxing because the trails were empty, and it was wonderful to get outside. Overall, it was a fun but also disappointing trip–yeah, we accomplished our goal to visit Dinosaur Valley, but Matt and I were looking forward to some of the more “Advanced” trails. As Matt and I were reflecting on this experience, we decided that 1) we WILL be back!, 2) this was our first time taking Eva hiking and it went SO smoothly, so that felt like a win (P.S. she slept in the Ergo strapped to Matt’s back the whole time), and 3) we’re glad we weren’t the couple from the U.K. who had come to the States specifically to visit this State Park.

An hour ride south isn’t far, the entrance fee isn’t much, and we enjoyed our brief glimpse of Dinosaur Valley even though we weren’t able to see everything we wanted. Next time, I’ll call ahead. :)


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