We’re back…again.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

We’re supposedly back to blogging. hoping it sticks this time (fingers crossed!). What I don’t think Matt or I fully realized is that we both LOVE to write. When we were blogging with friends it was a wonderful opportunity to write regularly, however that also meant that we had to write when we weren’t actually wanting to. Life, school, church, friends, baby, so many activities to juggle, there were days that we couldn’t put forth the mental effort to really keep going.

But, we’re excited about the opportunity to go back to what we love without the pressure of trying to maintain a schedule or goal. Blogging is a really fun hobby for us both; we love the writing and sharing our lives. We love getting to put down into words what books we’ve recently read and loved or what restaurants we’ve been to lately, or what new recipes I’ve made (or created!). We’re hopeful, and excited, and right now very energetic.

Maybe you’ll see a new look to the blog, some reorganization and updating to bring it forward. We have after all, had this blog for over three years and it could use a little update. With a bunch of new WordPress skills under our belts we like the idea of change and a fresh start to couple with our desire to start blogging for ourselves again!

Matt mentioned-in the past we’ve shared a ton of different things, and I think we’ll be sticking with that same theme with the revival. We still love food, visiting new restaurants, watching movies, and sharing fun getaway trips. I still love books and recipes. Matt still loves theology, breweries, and photography. So, that’s just us. You’ll get it all and we hope you stick around and enjoy it!

I’ll leave you with a slightly older picture of our sweet baby, she’s got more teeth now, and is standing on her own, but I guess we’ll not overwhelm you with our adorable child catch you up on that slowly. Its hard to believe she’ll be a year old in just over a month!



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