Starting Over Again

It has been a long time friends. A real long time. A lot has happened since we last blogged. Let me see if I can give a high level overview of where we have been and now are, without going too much into the details.

Matt has started a journey by going to seminary. We found out Rachel was pregnant. Part-way through the pregnancy, we moved back to the DFW area so Matt could attend school in person. Matt could not find a job for a while and decided it was best to only go to school part-time since the baby was on the way and we needed some form of insurance and way to pay for newborn. Matt finally got a job. Several months later, we were blessed with a baby girl born in November 2014. Matt continues to go to school part-time while we both figure out how to be new parents. We started a blog with a couple of friends about food, travel, and family that was going in a good direction. We left that blog a few weeks ago due to numerous issues.

That pretty much takes us to here. It is amazing how much was left out and all the hardships associated with it. I guess time heals and helps give another perspective. We have had our ups and downs these past few years. It seems like only yesterday we were driving home from the hospital with our baby.  Now she is almost a year old. When we first moved back, we had no plan but tried to live out on faith. We knew we were supposed to move back to Texas, but didn’t know where to live. We lived with a friend in his converted attic for the first few months. We tried moving to Dallas to be near to a number of things that seem to happen over there for us, but every door was closed. The housing/renting market in Dallas is incredible right now and is at a place where there is no time to think about a big decision like housing. If you like it and it is adequate, you better say yes because someone else is coming to take it.

We settled on Fort Worth as it seems God opened those doors for us. Matt continues to drive many miles a day as he works in Irving and goes to school in Dallas. We don’t know what is next but we do want to make the most of our time while we are here in the DFW area. Is it a little longer than a visit? Is it more than a visit? Or is this where we are to stay? We do not have the answer to those questions, but we do have faith in the Sovereign God.

So why start blogging again when you just left a blog? Because there will be a little more creative freedom in doing what we want on our own. There will be opportunities to share various perspectives on different things and ideas. We will also be able to manage the schedule a little bit better. We may not post 3 or 5 times a week, but we should be able to post regularly. Our passions are still food, travel, and different forms of entertainment (sports, movies, books, etc). We still want to share with you those passions to anyone who will listen. Many of the social media and marketing demands are now off our plates so we can focus more on different activities.

What will we be blogging about? Food. We have been adventurous in our food as we try to go to new or different restaurants as much as our budget allows. Rachel is also trying to get back to the new recipe challenge. You will see reviews of restaurants  that we have gone to mainly in the DFW area, but also from places that we have been to on our travels. You will see reviews of our brewery/wine tours when we can do them. There will be many different recipes that Rachel will produce to provide you with some favorites. I am sure she will provide you with some book reviews or suggestions for books that she has found entertaining or helpful.

That being said, many bloggers will tell you that you can’t be all things to all people. You need to select a certain audience and focus on it. If we did that, we would have 20 blogs and post very infrequently.

It is funny to think how one’s passions are shown. There are times when you are passionate about something but you may not outright say it or even truly realize it. Then, one day friends and family will make comments about all you do is eat (or all you do is ‘X’). They may say, “You should be a traveling food writer.” Let me tell you, there is nothing I would love more than to be a traveling food writer. I would love to follow in the steps of Bourdain or Zimmern.  Even working as a local writer would be a dream come true. At the end of the day, we believe God has created us for a design and purpose. Maybe by some miracle, it will lead to a food career. Maybe it won’t. But we trust in His leading and He takes this family wherever it is, whether it is for a visit or more than a visit.

In the coming days and weeks, we will share with you different food reviews from around the DFW area, restaurant reviews from other cities, brewery tours, book reviews, and of course some recipes from the gluten free baker/cook.


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