The Chirp

well, we’ve had a chirp in our house.

you know the kind i mean? the ones that tell you that your smoke detector battery is about to go?

well, we’ve had one and for the life of us cannot find the source. the first couple nights it would only chirp every 30 minutes, as the days have progressed, it has become worse: down to every 4-6 minutes.   it’s so bad that we’ve taken every battery out of everything we can find. we’re pulling our hair out.

the real kicker, this stupid chirp only happens between 3 and 9a. why in all of goodness would it not chirp all the time? and why in all of goodness must we be tortured so?

the chirp has caused lost sleep, lots of google searches, a disagreement, and overall grumpy mood in our home.



since the initial draft of this post, we have located the chirp! hallelujah!

turns out, even in our attempt to search the house multiple times for the source of said chirp, it was in a smoke detector we BOTH passed by! we ended up taking the battery out, then matt put it in a closet upstairs for good measure.

this whole time (4 nights), i kept thinking there had to be some sort of cosmic significance. what is God trying to tell us, what lesson am i supposed to be learning? i still haven’t figured it out other than to check your smoke detectors and perhaps don’t let yourself become consumed with the mundane things of life–focusing on the bigger picture brings a better perspective.



or perhaps, we just need to replace the batteries in our smoke detectors more often.



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