i completely fell off the whole blog-writing, book-reviewing bandwagon. if you’ve read the past couple posts, you’ll know why!

i’m not going to belabor reviews for the rest of the books that i read in 2014. i’m just going to list them with my “rating”. sorry. i want some closure on the book reviewing topic, but i already feel panicked trying to think about writing reviews on the 24 other books i read.

i started 2014 with the goal to read 30 books, then i got to 30 books in july and thought i’d bump it up again to 52. after all, i was more than half way finished and thought i’d be in good shape to finish on time. again, have i mentioned how busy/how much transition we were going through from august to december?! while i did read another 6 books between july and december, i didn’t get to 52.

1. the hobbit by j. r. r. tolkien, finished 1.12.14, 4 out of 5

2. how to get your wife to shut up by grant stenzel, finished 1.13.14, 3 out of 5

3. generous justice by tim keller, finished 1.22.14, 4 out of 5

4. the heavenly man by brother yun, finished 1.26.14, 2 out of 5

5. mockingjay by suzanne collins, finished 1.27.14, 3 out of 5

6. white umbrella by mary francis bowley, finished 2.5.14, 3 out of 5

7. the pleasure of my company by steve martin, finished 2.5.14, 3 out of 5

8. dangerous calling by paul david tripp, finished 2.5.14, 4 out of 5

9. and the mountains echoed by khaled hosseini, finished 2.10.14, 5 out of 5

10. marriage matters: extraordinary change through ordinary moments by winston t. smith, finished 2.12.14, 3 out of 5

11. kitchen confidential: adventures in the culinary underbelly by anthony bourdain, finished 2.18.14, 3 out of 5

12. when helping hurts by steve corbett & brian fikkert, finished 2.18.14, 4 out of 5

13. tender ar the bone by ruth reichl, finished 2.21.14, 4 out of 5

14. the book thief by markus zusak, finished 2.27.14, 4 out of 5

15. a framework for understanding poverty by ruby payne, finished 2.28.14, 4 out of 5

16. radical by david platt, finished 3.27.14, 2 out of 5

17. 100 things i hate about pregnancy by kate konopicky, finished 4.1.14, 3 out of 5

18. unchristian: what a new generation thinks about christianity and why it matters by david kinnaman, finished 4.8.14, 3 out of 5

19. unashamed: rahab by francine rivers, finished 4.8.14, 2 out of 5

20. unshaken: ruth by francine rivers, finished 4.10.14, 3 out of 5

21. the christian parenting handbook by scott turansky & joanne miller, finished 4.24.14, 3 out of 5

22. the grace awakening by charles swindoll, finished 6.6.14, 4 out of 5

23. the invested life by joel rosenberg & t.e. koshy, finished 6.10.14, 3 out of 5

24. comfort me with apples by ruth reichl, finished 6.10.14, 3 out of 5

25. ina may’s guide to childbirth by ina may gaskin, finished 6.11.14, 3 out of 5

26. natural childbirth the bradley way by susan mccutecheon, finished 6.21.14, 3 out of 5

27. husband coached childbirth by dr. steven bradley, finished 7.8.14, 4 out of 5

28. the perks of being a wallflower by stephen chbosky, finished 7.12.14, 3 out of 5

29. the one by kiera cass, finished 7.24.14, 3 out of 5

30. the sh!t no one tells you by dawn dais, finished 9.3.14, 2 out of 5

31. dreams and visions by tom doyle, finished 9.22.14, 3 out of 5

32. tortured for christ by richard wurmbrand, finished 9.30.14, 2 out of 5

33. pretty little liars by sara shepard, finished 10.1.14, 3 out of 5

34. moonwalking with einstein by joshua foer, finished 10.4.14, 4 out of 5

35. dad is fat by jim gaffigan, finished 10.5.14, 4 out of 5

36. she’s got issues by nicole unice, finished 10.14.14, 3 out of 5


there are also books that i started and for whatever reason didn’t finish. i’m not a person who can stick it out through a book–i value my reading time too much that i don’t want to waste time reading something that doesn’t capture me. so, here are the books i started…if i were to “rate” them, they would receive either 0 or 1 out of 5.

mansfield park and mummies by vera nazarian

animal, vegetable, miracle: a year of food life by barbara kingsolver

this is where i leave you by jonathan tropper

the emperor of all maladies by sidhartha mukherjee


so, there it is. i wish i felt more accomplished. and as i type this, i just commented to matt that i wish i had been more faithful in reading even during the busy time during the last few months of the year. i am setting a goal of 30 books again for 2015. we’ll see what is in store–i’m in the middle of three right now, and on hold for two others at the library!


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