2014 in a single blog post

i’m back…again…

after a few month hiatus, i’ve been inspired and been praying about reviving our blog.

SO much has happened since the post below from july. good grief, i feel like we were so young and naive back in july. but, i hope to starting writing with some frequency to chronicle our days, share life, and generally to have an outlet for my thoughts…but more on that in another post.

matt took it upon himself to journal all the events (and details!) of 2014. i started…well, tried. let’s say it isn’t wise to start a project like that at 8:30 on a friday night. here is a quick rundown of 2014, at least what i came up with in the 30 minutes i had. hopefully i can at least journal a bit more to flesh out those details, but here is the high level view of everything that happened in our lives.

january: bitter cold thanks to the “polar vortex”, one day the high temp was -17, duck dynasty weekend at work, lots of snow, matt started online at DTS

february: more bitter cold, Paul David Tripp parenting conference at church, and out of this, a new favorite speaker/author

march: pregnant! and a trip to the ER due to some bleeding. we both celebrate birthdays.

april: awful mood swings and first trimester nausea

may: lindsay’s wedding, we decide to move back to texas, matt begins job searching

june: i start to pack us up, research a place to live, health insurance options, getting a moving truck

july: healthy 20 week ultrasound for baby, quit our jobs

august: drove 1000 miles and officially became texan again. i found a short-term nanny job to provide some income, found a doctor, matt begins his fall semester

september: matt started a job in dallas, good job–but not sustainable with a daily round trip 3 hour commute. third trimester begins.

october: matt started a different job in irving–better pay, closer and better fit with his skills and abilities, went to baby care and labor prep classes, blessed by friends with a shower for the baby

november: eva is born!

december: matt finishes his semester with awesome grades despite a busy time at work and having a newborn, we move from the attic to downstairs, and celebrate 3 years of marriage.


reflecting back on the year overall, it was a year of huge trials and huge blessings. we were called to trust in the Lord in ways we hadn’t known. the two words that characterize this year for me are trust and transition. i know this is just a list of bullet points, but as i think about all the little details, thought, and prayer that went in to each thing listed, i am amazed at all the Lord has brought us through.

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