book 12

my boss at work suggested i read this book. at the time, i was working on a lot of policy development for the church and trying to get the unspoken “rules” on paper. even though that was not at all a major aspect of my job, i saw the need and was given permission to research, develop, write, and implement a number of policies.

anyways, the policy that i was developing at the time was one where we were trying to establish some guidelines for when/how we would financially support a congregation member to receive professional counseling. it is a beautiful ministry to be able to help in this way, but the lack of boundaries and established guidelines meant a lot of confusion, poor record keeping, and inconsistencies.

i read “When Helping Hurts” by Steve Corbett & Brian Fikkert to help me get a sense of what approach we might take. through reading this book, and discussing with my supervisor we decided that our previous approach was ineffective. we had been supporting people financially 100% for up to almost 3 months of counseling, but what i learned through this book was the importance of empowering people and coming alongside them, but also how integral it is for the person to take an active role and contribution to their healing.

this book has been recommended for short-term and long-term mission trip participants, to those volunteering in multicultural ministry, and a number of other areas. even though i didn’t fit into those categories, the principles were easily put into place in regards to my end goal of policy development. i appreciate that the concepts were easy to understand, applicable across a variety of situations, and talked a lot about dignity and empowerment of those you are trying to help.

my rating for this book is 4 stars out of 5 and i would definitely recommend it if you are in a helping profession.


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