book 11

book 11 begins the start of my “phase” of reading about relatively well known people somehow involved in the food scene.

we started watching Anthony Bourdain’s show, Parts Unknown sometime this year and most of the time, we love it. seriously, we learn so much about the city/country/region that he visits each week. there is something so raw and unfiltered about Bourdain that we love-he adds his own opinions and sarcasm to the dialogue yet attempts to give a true picture of the reality of the location he visit. it is a documentary-style show where you hear multiple perspectives of “this is what its really like”. while we may not agree with him all the time, he is a very captivating storyteller and person.

so, i took on the reading of one of his first books, his start in the culinary world in “Kitchen Confidential: Adventures in the Culinary Underbelly”. what an interesting book, filled with a crazy assortment of characters, behaviors, and general ridiculousness. if you’re interested in a memoir/reflection and you like Anthony Bourdain, i would recommend this book. it is “how he got his start”, his years of youth and absurdity, and a behind the scenes look at the world of restaurant hierarchy. i think it also gives some good clues into who he is as a person and how his gifting as a storyteller has transitioned him into the voice of Parts Unknown.

my rating for this book is 3 out of 5 stars, pretty good job Bourdain!

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