book 9

this book really shows how much I enjoy variety (i think!).

Khaled Hosseini writes so beautifully. his books are ones that i get so wrapped up in that i finish them in the middle of the night or that i get mad because my reading is interrupted to cook dinner. he is one writer whose stories i devour—the good thing is he has only written three books, so these kinds of antics are not frequent.

book 9 was “And the Mountains Echoed”, and it came out last year—despite that, i had to wait several weeks to get it at the library. it felt silly at the end to wait for so many weeks and read it in two days, but i did my part to get that book to the next person who had a hold placed!

this book is a beautiful story centered around family, more specifically the upbringing of a brother-sister pair who are separated when the children’s father sells the sister to a childless family. each chapter is told from a different character’s perspective. it is so eloquently tied together as the reader is given a family tree piece by piece and given each individual perspective not only on the original storyline of the daughter being sold, but to their personal struggles.

if you’re ok getting “sucked in” to a book, forgetting chores for a couple days, and probably ignoring your family, then read this! otherwise, carve some time out for yourself and enjoy the story. my rating is 4 out of 5.


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  1. Definitely going on my TBR! Lovely review.

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