book 8

you may or may not know (because i can’t remember and i’m not going to look it up), that matt is in seminary. he started in january and is also taking summer school right now.

prior to enrolling in his classes though, our pastor recommended he read a book about the dangers of vocational ministry. since that is the hope for matt after graduation, we both were excited and somewhat nervous to see what the book had to say.

that book—is “Dangerous Calling” by Paul David Tripp. after we heard about the book i decided that it would be one of the gifts i get for matt for christmas, and i’m so glad we own it now! matt read the book just a couple weeks before seminary classes began, and i read it his first few weeks in school. we confess that we both “studied” it, which was more intense, but we enjoyed talking about it and the food for thought that we gleaned.

in this book, Tripp writes about culture in pastoral ministry and ministry in general. he writes about the dangers and temptations of pastors and ministry leaders to fall into traps of pride, engaging in “celebrity” status, and failure to maintain their own spiritual health. this book was a good eye opener for us both, and we were able to easily identify what traps we might fall into and where we have seen others fall as well.

while this book provided great diagnosis tools, it was also prescriptive; it painted a picture of pastoral/ministry culture, but also said “this is how to work to fix it”. we both loved that it gave biblical and practical tools to fight against these kind of cultural norms. after reading it and talking it over, it seems like one of those books that you pick up again every couple years so that you can remind yourself to be aware, and to guard against those temptations.

my rating is 4 out of 5 and i would highly recommend it to anyone in ministry or who has a pastor that they pray for.

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