book 7

last year i really enjoyed reading Steve Martin’s autobiography “Born Standing Up: A Comic’s Life”. it was an unexpected charm, and a book i didn’t think i would pick up!

book 7 is another one of Steve Martin’s works, called “The Pleasure of My Company”. this book was a quirky story of a neurotic and interesting young man as he searches for love. the main character has several self-imposed “rules” that he follows, including only crossing the street at two opposing driveway and maintaining the exact wattage of lightbulbs in his apartment. you can only imagine the side stories the main character comes up with along this narrative.

my only negative feedback about the book was it was “wrapped up with a bow” at the end; as you’re led along the story, it really seemed like the final pages came together a little too quickly and perfectly. i’m one of those people who doesn’t always like a happy ending, and without writing too much more, the ending truly surprised me.

this book was an easy read, so fun, lighthearted, and quirky. if you’re looking for something different and quick, i recommend it. my rating is 3 out of 5.



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  1. I love Steve Martin! I have to read this book now; sounds fun and quirky!

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