book 6

i’m still on my book reviewing, goal achievement gig. i guess that’s a good thing. in fact, i can say i’ve read 20 books so far this year. my goal for 2014 was 30, but i’m thinking of upping it!

book 6
last year, one of the ministries at my work hosted a church-wide viewing of the movie Trade of Innocents; the goal was to raise awareness about human trafficking and also to inspire people to take action and find a place to serve or give back.

one of the resources that was available for purchase was the sixth book i read. this was another one that i had started a couple times, but never completely finished. this was also one of the books that i started in december, but read a majority of the book in the new year.

“White Umbrella” by Mary Francis Bowley was the name of that book—and what a powerful read! the book tells stories of the recovery home Mary Francis and her team started, stories of healing from girls and young women rescued from human trafficking, and stories from their social workers, therapists, and volunteers.

this book was a very real account of a small slice of the issue of human trafficking. it was harsh, honest, and eye-opening to read, yet it was also a call to action and inspiring to consider ways to get involved in the cause.

one thing this book made absolutely clear is that you really have to be behind your cause of choice. the team and people who write the stories are so dedicated to rescuing women from trafficking and so passionate about being a part of their healing. this book piqued by interest about human trafficking, but it also propelled me into finding out what cause i might support and what i am passionate about.

if you’re interested in learning about human trafficking issues, or looking for personal testimonies of healing, faith, and belief in cause, this book absolutely is for you. my rating is 3 out of 5.

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