book 5

i know i’m about two years late on actually finishing this series, but i finally did it! i’m not exactly sure why i lost interest in the series, considering its popularity, but i just had no motivation to wrap it up.

have i held you in suspense long enough or have you guess already? book 5 was “Mockingjay” by Suzanne Collins. yes, it took me about a year after reading the first two books to finally finish the series. no, i don’t know why.

“Mockingjay” wraps up The Hunger Games trilogy and tells the final piece of the story of katniss everdeen, the nation of panem, and the ultimate question of will she end up with gale or peeta (don’t worry, I won’t spoil the ending with my review).

review: Mockingjay was honestly a lot harder to get through than the first two books; the story didn’t grip me near as much nor did it keep my attention. it also seemed that the first two books were almost written in a different style, which at times made it harder to follow. i think the story wrapped up nicely though-katniss clearly longs for a better system in her nation, a safe/healthy/productive place for her family, and a romantic interest; the book ends with each of these things on the verge of being realized.

if you are looking for something fun to read with little thinking involved, i.e. a book to read after 10p, then i would recommend the Hunger Games, and i would add don’t wait so long to finish the trilogy. my rating is three stars out of five.



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  1. I hated Mockingjay! I would have given it 1 star! What happened to Katniss? I was so sad.

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