have you heard of Goodreads? i’m not quite familiar with how old it is, but it is a wonderful resource if you are an avid reader.

Goodreads is a social networking site based on books: what you’ve read, what you’re currently reading, what you want to read, etc.! i first found out about it when i was searching for some book recommendations online and became hooked!

each user creates virtual bookshelves listing what books you’ve read, along with your rating and/or review of the book, and what you’re interested in reading. the site generates book recommendations based on previous books read and your rating. for example, say you give “The Great Gatsby” 5 stars, Goodreads will recommend four other books that are very similar for you to consider adding to your “to-read” list.

there are also online book discussions and book club groups based on genre, author, or whatever you might be looking for. you can interact with other users by posting on the book discussion forums, sending your “friends” a book recommendation or writing a review.

if you’re so inspired, feel free to check out my ratings and other books i’ve read along with my “current reads” and my “to-read” sections. you can also download the app-great to use if you’re in the library and on the hunt for your next read!


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