book 3

quick recap-two books down, and 28 to go to reach my goal!

book three was one that i had been intending to read for about a year! we actually received it for christmas last year (2012) from my parents, so it was a long time coming! here are my thoughts:

“Generous Justice” by Tim Keller. what a fantastic take on how a Christian might respond biblically to injustices in our community and world. Keller provides biblical reasoning and practical ideas while considering why we should respond to justice, our attitude toward the poor, and how justice could be carried out. he is relevant and thoughtful in his approach regarding how an individual or church might respond to injustice and repeatedly affirms that God’s heart is for the poor and oppressed.

the idea of justice has been on my mind a lot recently, probably for the last five-ish years i’ve heard the word tossed around more and more in the Christian community. with that in mind, i was really hoping to find a biblical approach with practical application to be able to round out my understanding and concept of the word. this book did that and more—i “studied” the book, taking notes and really mulling over concepts to really consider what justice might look like in my sphere of influence.

if you are interested in justice issues, this book is a great “toe in the water” to get an overview of the many ways you might influence justice around you. my rating is four out of five and i would recommend this book to anyone interested in gaining a broad but practical understanding of justice.


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