book 2

in keeping with the idea of sharing my book list from 2014, i’m moving on to book two.

i read this almost as part of a joke. i saw the title, raised my eyebrows, and my boss suggested i give it a try in hopes that “i might learn something”.

well, i wouldn’t say i learned a lot, especially since this book is directed more towards husbands, but it was still a quick read and that i mostly agree with the content.

the title: “How to Get Your Wife To Shut Up” by Grant Stenzel. tell me you didn’t also raise your eyebrows! but, you quickly read the subtitle “A Biblical and Psychological View on How to Love Your Wife and Enjoy a Satisfying, Content Relationship” and the somewhat foggy/confused face starts to comprehend what this book might actually be about.

this book is a practical how-to for husbands, encouraging them ultimately to empathize, listen, and openly communicate with their wives so that they might “Shut Up”. the author writes two to three page chapters about a number of topics, he is honest about his mistakes as a husband often using them as examples of what not to do, and he provides easily memorable tips and ideas to improve communication with your spouse.

i’m not a husband, but i did enjoy this quick read on relationships, plus who doesn’t want to improve in their communication? My score: three out of five.


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