the hobbit

at the suggestion of my husband, i’m blogging and trying to make some use of the time i currently have.

it helps when you have slow days at work to really dedicate time to even think about writing.

so, what to write about? i’m going to keep you updated with my goals, especially the one of reading books. while i don’t really have a “structure” or plan in mind for how or what to even write, i’m going to try!

book 1 for 2014 “The Hobbit” by J.R.R. Tolkien, finished 1.12.14

this book is an absolute classic, and one i’ve read before. but, it had been years. with my recent seeing of the first two “The Hobbit” movies, it felt time to revisit the story and spoil the ending/third movie for myself.

let me first put it out there that i started this book in late 2013, however about 75% of the book was read in 2014, which is why it counts on the list.

first of all, what an imaginative story; i’m always astounded by the imaginative and creative things that people come up with. my mind seems so simple in comparison! also, let me tell you, the story is so involved i had a hard time even finding a simple paragraph to sum it up!

let me try though: The Hobbit tells a story from a chapter in the life of Bilbo Baggins. Led by the wizard Gandalf, Bilbo and thirteen dwarves set out to recover a lost treasure of the Lonely Mountain guarded by a dragon. Bilbo, Gandalf, and their companions run into many obstacles and challenges on their quest: trolls, goblins, Gollum (where Bilbo is given a ring with special powers), giant spiders, imprisonment, and the dreaded dragon Smaug. As new travels of Smaug’s death, various armies attempt to recover the treasure known to be hiding in the Lonely Mountain. After the fighting, Bilbo recovers from an attempt on his life, and is led by Gandalf back to his home.

i know! if you’ve read this book before, you’ll know that i left out a lot of parts, but what do you do when you’re trying to be succinct? i recalled the major highlights to the best of my ability, so we’re going with that.

reflecting on this book, i’m so glad I re-read it. my guess is that it had been about 10 years since i last read it—and college/grad school was in there, so, my memory of the book was close to nothing. i was glad to revisit the story when i felt like i could read it for appreciation and not to fulfill a school requirement. overall, i’m giving it four stars out of five.


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