what i’m doing with 2014

have i told you yet about my goals for 2014?

in no particular order, i hope to accomplish these things:
1. learn about investing-stocks, mutual funds, the how, when, where, for how long
2. read 30 books
3. pay off our second car
4. exercise regularly-at least 3 times a week
5. find a place to serve
6. pray consistently for others
7. use and be consistent with a budget

they say goals aren’t “real” until they are written down, measurable, attainable, etc. so, even though mine aren’t all those things, they are written down! and let me tell you, it feels good to work on them!

while we’re at it, want to know my progress?

matt has spent two evenings teaching me about stocks; i have my own mutual fund that i researched, picked, purchased, and monitor. he has given me multiple resources and tutorials and I continue to learn about this whole new world.

i’ve read 12 books so far and am working on books 13 and 14.

we are on our way to paying off the second car ahead of schedule-this ties in with the budget as we’ve been revising our budget to stay on schedule, be more aware, and be more conscientious of how we spend.

exercise—not so much; we are struggling to get in the habit. we both know that once we do, we will feel better and sleep better, but starting a new routine is never easy.

i’m researching places to serve and have found a couple great opportunities locally to serve.

my goal about prayer seems the most abstract, but, it is measurable! i’m using a daily prayer journal and i am committed to having a name written down each day to pray specifically for others.

what are your goals? have you written them down?

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