our new normal

we have embarked upon a new season of life. if you haven’t talked to us in person recently, the big news in our life is that matt is in school. he is taking classes at dallas theological seminary. online for now, and Lord willing we will move back to texas at some point so that he might continue his education in the classroom.

the new season of life is…interesting. it is requiring discipline and a more structured life for both of us. example: we usually try to reason “matt is going to work on school until (blank) time, then we will relax”. this has worked well as it allows matt time to dedicate to school, yet we are able to spend time together even if it is small.

but, praise the Lord, we are getting into a routine and rhythm. matt is learning a lot; and sharing a lot of it with me, and i’m making the most of the time i have to myself, doing some reading and taking up of some of my old hobbies. we are excited, nervous, and challenged with this new season of life and the prospect of yet another move in our distant future. but, we know that the Lord is sovereign and He will lead in His timing.


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  1. I was just thinking about you guys, and this post is so timely because Greg and I just had a long conversation about a similar situation! He started online seminary at Fuller in the fall, and, man, has balancing it all been tough. We just talked about what it would look like for him to keep working and doing school through our engagement, into our marriage, and potentially into us starting a family and trying to figure out if that’s all doable. Praying for you guys in this new season, and I hope you will pray for us, too. :)

    • yeah! we are learning the balancing act and it just seems to take flexibility for both of us. the up side for me is more time reading and spent on my hobbies. I think it is all doable-you just have to remember that it is just for a season and the Lord will totally direct you in those things. thanks for praying and yes-will be praying for you both during time of transition. i remember fast wedding planning-we made ours happen in 6 weeks! have fun with it and so good to hear from you!

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