finding balance

how do you balance “rejoice with those who are rejoicing and mourn with those who mourn”?

i’m kind of struggling with this right now. a perfect example is my stage in life. many of my friends are getting married, pregnant, got a new job, bought their first house, received a promotion, returned from vacation. yet, i also know a few people who are uncomfortably single, mourning the loss of a child, experiencing fertility issues, lost their job or are being underpaid, or live in less than ideal circumstances.

my struggle is this: how do i appropriately celebrate with those who are full of excitement, yet also be sensitive to those who are hurting? how do i balance celebration and hurt with what i myself am going through?

i think that i’m learning that yes, be happy, celebrate, be joyous about God’s blessings, but also be sensitive. you just landed that awesome job, please share, but also know that someone just lost theirs or is in a terrible work environment. you just celebrated the birth of a child; remember there is a couple who has been struggling for two years. it almost comes to a balance of sharing and rejoicing, yet knowing that others struggle and considering when your celebratory actions might be hurtful.

you learn a lot from just watching other people, considering their actions, and how it might affect others. i hope ultimately i will learn to consider my own actions in a way that is sensitive to all.


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