taking the big picture view

so, there’s a lot happening in my workplace right now. a lot. in terms of updating, dynamics, structure refining, events, activity in the building, construction. sometimes it makes my head spin to think about all that is happening!

i want to talk about the construction though. i’ve decided that i’m taking the positive view. this week we’ve had some very loud work going on and it has been challenging to be the person to take that positive view! i more often hear complaining than excitement. but, with my positive view, i’ve decided that i’m glad to be inconvenienced for a few weeks to be able to enjoy a beautifully renovated portion of the building. i’m glad when only one jackhammer is being used instead of two. i’m glad that we get to make progress, and i’m glad for fumes, dust, loud machinery, sledgehammers, and the construction workers we have present in our building.

why am i happy about all of this? because the Lord is teaching me a two big things right now and the one i want to share about today is about having a “big picture” take on things. when you take the “big picture” view, being inconvenienced for a few weeks by construction with the end result being a beautifully updated building, it doesn’t seem like such a big deal. when you take the “big picture” view, for those who have experienced this, being sick during pregnancy is an inconvenience for several months with the end being a child to love, parent, and teach for many years. when you take the “big picture” view, that C in physics didn’t really matter because you still graduated college. when you take the “big picture” view, the traffic due to construction doesn’t seem that bad because you know that improvements are being made. for most of these things, the saying “it will get worse before it gets better” is true!

when you look at the “big picture” view of life, challenges can be really inconvenient, cause setbacks, lead us down roads of bad decision making, and (my personal favorite and go-to) throwing a pity party. i’m talking about those challenges such as a job loss, death of a loved one, health issues, financial struggles, and so on. but, the true ”Big Picture” is that this world and life are temporary; the end result for those who believe in Jesus Christ is heaven and Jesus’ return to earth.

so, i’m challenged recently with trying to view the “big picture” in every (perceived) setback and choosing to view inconveniences as a means to the end. my challenge to others is to think about the “big picture”, regardless of who you are or what you believe, consider what “big picture” instances you experience.


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  1. Beautifully said.

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