Life updates


we apologize deeply for the absence. sometimes life smacks you in the face and all you want to do is come home and rest after a crazy day/week/month(!). life has been crazy for us taylors, but we are enjoying it and taking it day by day. here’s a quick update of may-july. my personal goal is to be more intentional through the end of the year with our blog. honestly it is such a great way to catalog some of the events in life that we forget!

so, what have we been doing?

here’s quick recap of some of the highlights from april, may, june, and july.

april: hung out in springfield. my brother and sister-in-law came and spent the weekend with us checking out all that is lincoln and springfield’s highlights. the major takeaway: springfield is very proud of the lincoln heritage. if we had a dollar every time someone said “lincoln walked these very stairs, steps, cobblestones, floorboards, etc” we could go out to a very nice dinner.

j and i at the il state capitol

i was also involved in a program through our church called apples of gold where i got to meet 15 other women who ranged in age from 20 to 90. what a variety of life experiences. i appreciate that program so much because the cross-generational influence is encouraged and there is so much wisdom in those women! it was a complete blessing to be able to spend my thursday evenings with these ladies in april and may.

recipe from apples of gold

may: We finally used our birthday money and purchased some fun camping gear. we did a couple local hikes in the forest preserve near our house, we always enjoy being outside which was really fun. we took a day trip to starved rock state park with a couple from our small group and got to hike around and see the canyons and waterfalls (yes!) of illinois.

starved rock waterfalls

june: this month was crazy for matt at work, so we spent our weekends enjoying rest time at home. we did sneak away for a craft beer fest at lincoln park zoo—that was really fun, but SO crowded! we got to sample about 15-20 different kinds of beer which was such a treat. we were able to plan a few trips for the rest of the year, which was exciting to be able to look forward to so much!


july: we enjoyed a quiet fourth of July, and took in some fireworks while walking along the trail near our house. we spent a wonderful five days in colorado with my family. it was wonderful to be in the mountains, get to climb and hike every day, and hang out with family. we also were able to spend time with my cousin and her family—what a blessing to see them!

hiking to ptarmigan lake

july also brought some sadness as we said goodbye to matt and his family’s dog, harley. he, very similarly to gunda in january, got sick very suddenly and was gone in just a couple weeks. we are so sad by this loss, matt especially as he had helped to pick out and raise harley and gunda, but we are so thankful for the blessing of his life.

matt with harley and gunda in december.

april to july was generally a whirlwind; we got to do some fun things, yet also relax in the busy-ness, which was an added blessing. after a break from blogging, i think we’re both ready to return to writing more consistently and excited to share more about what we do!


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