my birthday was two weeks ago now-crazy! i made it yet another year, which always surprises me!

the day started out with opening my birthday present. the only thing i asked for was “a paper towel holder and some replacement pearl earrings”. seriously, i try to be easy to please. matt picked up on the hints and got me both with a little something extra (gluten-free beer!). you remember when matt proved his love by fishing for the pearl earring in the toilet, don’t you? you can read about it here.

photo (14)

we enjoyed my 26th birthday by both being at work. yeah, we both worked. i think that’s the definition of being an adult—working on your birthday.


matt took me to a great hole-in-the-wall mexican street-food place. it was perfect. the whole restaurant had 3 tables and 8 chairs for patrons and was run completely on one flat-top grill. amazing. i don’t know how those ladies do it! we ate our fill (read stuffed ourselves to a coma with delicious mexican food) and rented a movie to end our night.

photo (13)

saturday we planned to go see oz-when i saw the previews over chistmas (when we saw the hobbit), i told matt “that’s near my birthday and i think we should go”. so our friends g & l came out from the city and we got to spend time with them, watch the movie and go out to lunch. i found this restaurant not too far from our house where i could get gluten-free pizza. win!

the rest of our day we enjoyed by relaxing and watching the newest james bond movie. this is more like movie-birthday weekend, but we had a great time relaxing and getting caught up on some recent movies!


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