all you are in Christ

All you are in Christ…

I’ve recently been going through a YouVersion reading plan that is entitled 15 days in the Word with John Piper. We both love how insightful he is—almost to the point that sometimes it goes over our heads. But, I love this devotional from Day 8—it isn’t the whole devotion, but you can really feel not only Piper’s passion, but feel the Lord surrounding you with truth of being in Christ.

Being in Christ Jesus is a stupendous reality. It is breathtaking what it means to be in Christ. United to Christ. Bound to Christ. If you are “in Christ”, listen to what it means for you.

1. In Christ Jesus you were given grace before the world was created. 2 Tim. 1:9

2. In Christ Jesus you were chosen by God before creation. Eph. 1:4

3. In Christ Jesus you are loved by God with an inseparable love. Rom. 8:38-39

4. In Christ Jesus you were redeemed and forgiven for all your sins. Eph 1:7

5. In Christ Jesus you are justified before God and the righteousness of God in Christ is imparted to you. 2 Cor 5:21

6. In Christ Jesus you have become a new creation and a son of God. 2 Cor. 5:17

7. In Christ Jesus you have been seated in the heavenly places even while he lived on earth. Eph. 2:6

8. In Christ Jesus all the promises of God are Yes for you. 2 Cor. 1:20

9. In Christ Jesus you are being sanctified and made holy. 1 Cor. 1:2

10. In Christ Jesus everything you really need will be supplied. Phil. 4:19

11. In Christ Jesus the peace of God will guard your heart and mind. Phil. 4:17

12. In Christ Jesus you have eternal life. Rom. 6:23

13. In Christ Jesus you will be raised from the dead at the coming of the Lord. 1 Cor. 15:22

This is a wonderful truth. Union with Christ is the ground of everlasting joy, and it is free.

Isn’t that beautiful? Isn’t that restoring? Doesn’t that give you such hope and peace? Doesn’t it settle your heart in difficult times of trials to know that you can have peace in Christ.



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  1. Reading those truths of what being “in Christ” holds,
    brings me such peace and sense of security. We are truly blessed in Him! Thanks for sharing this.

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