food for thought

truth: i’ve got about 7 blog posts written. i’ve also been lazy.

yeah, imagine that.

actually, it has been a combination of laziness, tiredness at the end of the day, and feeling sick. thanks for your grace and patience. the good news is that i do have a bunch written, so i’ve been inspired and had things on my mind and heart to share, i’ve just been limited by energy to actually post (as I write that, it sounds so lame).

anyways, sorry.

i do have some food for thought though.

recently i’ve been noticing more and more that there is an absence of kindness and courtesy in the way people communicate. i say this as a general statement, because i don’t think anyone (including myself) is exempt. it isn’t easy to think about what or how you say something and how it might impact others. i know there are moments when i fail in this. actually, there are a lot of moments. but, by and large, marriage, friendships, family, and those rocky moments have taught me about the value of considering what you say and how you say it before you open your mouth, press “send” on an email or take a pen to write a note.

being considerate is hard, but it is mature and it shows others that you care enough to put the other person’s needs before your own. living by the golden rule takes work, it takes thought, it takes strength. but, i am called to it and even when I’m frustrated or tired of people snapping at me and have the impulse to snap back, the Lord reminds me of His grace. His grace has been extended to me, and i am called to extend it to others, even when it is hard.

don’t be fooled; i snap back and say the wrong thing in the wrong way all too often, it is a constant challenge and struggle. but doesn’t James tell us to be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry? he also talks about taming the tongue. what a small and powerful muscle that can cause so much destruction. it’s a hard truth, a huge challenge to overcome, but through the work of the Holy Spirit, i see growth, change, and the capacity to be molded into being more like Jesus.

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