#3: gf coffee cake muffins

ok, lets start off this post saying that this recipe was a fail.

the recipe itself isn’t a fail, its more of my execution being the fail: the outcome, was disastrous. we both took one bite of a muffin on a sunday morning, expecting it to fill us up and be delicious, and it tasted gritty, dirty, and just gross.

so, i won’t share the details of the recipe. but, i will say that i think i know why it didn’t turn out. the recipe originally calls for white rice flour and sweet rice flour: both of which we didn’t have, and instead i used brown rice flour. arg!

i know! its all my fault. the gluten-free baking is hard. its been 9 months of gluten-free for me, and i’m still figuring out my favorite recipes for cakes and muffins–there have been a lot of trials along the way.

i fail so much more with the gluten-free baking, and it is so infuriating. there are very little short cuts or substitutions that can realistically be made and still end up with a great outcome (that doesn’t taste gluten-free). why, oh why, can’t this be easier? everything is such an exact science with gluten-free, whereas before, i would just apply a few basic principles and boom(!): muffins were made and they were good.

so, while i don’t believe the recipe is at fault, it is still annoying to waste ingredients, and end up with a bad product.

still learning. still having to try new recipes! that’s what the challenge is for–trying new recipes, techniques, ideas. i am thankful for that; and thankful for a challenge were mistakes are ok–i just have to pick up and carry on.

image (2)
the accused.


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  1. use xanthan gum in everything. It holds everything together so nothing is crumbly :)

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