we’re excited to invite you into our new home! this last weekend we finished getting all the pictures/plates/mirrors/whatever else hung on the walls and it finally feels like our little home.

so, we introduce you first to the kitchen. i’ve been making some cookies tonight and thought it would be a good first room–plus, it is also the first room you see when you walk in. upon entering the door, you turn left and come upon our kitchen.

Imagewow, we are still amazed by how much space we have! and we’re trying to figure out what to do with some of the storage things we bought at the old place! thankfully, the storage we bought also looks like a bookshelf, which is always handy to have.

one of my other favorite things in our kitchen is this plate:

Imageit was a cute little find at crate & barrel outlet when we still had wedding gift card money. another favorite touch is the cross over the stove (and of course you can see the results of my cookie-making!).

there’s more to share, and little by little we will get back into the swing of writing, sharing more about life, and blogging.




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