our blog is a year old—weird. while we haven’t been as diligent at blogging as we were at the beginning, the start of 2013 and the anniversary of our blog are so close, i have take a look back things we’ve been blessed with and enjoyed, the trials and the joys of this year.IMG_4037

january-we moved to illinois! talk about a wild start, moving 1000 miles away 5 days into the new year was crazy. looking back, i don’t know how we did that! we also started this blog, and i was finally able to change my name to reflect our marriage!

1-17-2012 008

february-we had people coming and we went places! my aunt was in town for a work conference, as well as our friend scott b.—we got to go into the city to spend time with them. we spent two weeks in racine, and a weekend each in milwaukee and south bend. lots of snow to drive through for matt!


march-in the swing of our lent challenge, we avoided sweets/fried foods and dedicated to spending time together with God. matt made me a wonderful birthday dinner. we visited columbia mo for my brother and now sister-in-law’s wedding. i got really sick. we went to a bulls game for matt’s birthday-my first nba game.


april-we underwent so much testing to find out what exactly was wrong with me. we celebrated that gunda’s neck was healed. matt made his first turkey for easter dinner.


may-a diagnosis meant major changes for us in terms of diet. i met my chiropractor, who has been a major blessing and truly cared to see me well.


june-we surprised our friends david & rebekah (now mr. & mrs. s) in dfw. matt was in europe for work for a whole week while i spent time with my friend lindsay. we spent a long weekend in columbia and st. louis seeing college friends and hanging out with z & j.


july-we took a couple trips to the city. matt and i worked on some creative craft projects for our home. we were refunded a large amount of a medical bill as it turned out we had overpaid-praise the Lord!


august-a day trip to sawyer, michigan meant we got to finally swim in lake michigan and spend time with one of my best college girlfriends and her husband. reduced visits to the doctor as i was improving. scott and saulo visited us for a long weekend, we got rained out of a cubs game.


september-we were in austin for a long weekend for a wedding, got to see our family and hang out with friends.


october-we started attending the class for young married couples at our church and getting to know more people. went to kansas city where matt got to visit my childhood home and spend time with lots of different friends. i was interviewed and hired at our church, finally able to find work!


november-our friend mary visited chicago and we got to have dinner with her in the city. i started my job and we spent our first thanksgiving by ourselves. sadness and overwhelmed by the thought of gunda having more health issues.

december-we celebrated one year of marriage, had our first snow of the winter season, and spent a week with family and friends in texas. said goodbye to our sweet girl gunda. bought our first christmas tree and packed up our life for a new apartment.



overall, lots of ups and downs—a lot of learning and growing. lots of recipes, challenges, idea, goals, and life lessons shared. both of us striving to grow in our faith and walks with the Lord individually and together. both of us striving to be a better spouse, child, sibling, and friend.


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