90% packed

i know! its been terrible. we’ve been absent for two weeks. how did that happen?

well, we have been packing, celebrating one year of marriage, packing, and then throw in our week-long christmas trip to texas to visit family, and then we returned to more packing. friday will hopefully go smoothly with how much we’ve packed already. i will say the one nice thing is having to do fewer dishes if they are already stored. and we get to use up paper/plastic items from our wedding rehearsal/reception.

our life looks like this right now. more boxes, less christmas tree, less space to walk around. the pile of boxes grows daily as we continue, although we are 90% done!

photo (8)

oh yeah, the thing about moving is that you don’t just pack. you unpack. all that to say, forgive us for our absence while we figure out assembling a new home.


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