last weekend

our weekend was beautiful and relaxing. for some reason, it seems like we don’t say that too much, so i’m saying it today and giving a play-by-play.

seriously, the weather was gorgeous (60 degrees on december 1/2 in illinois?!?!). so, saturday matt made some breakfast tacos and then we headed out for a hike. remember the hike from a couple months ago? we went to the same forest preserve–and we wanted to take a certain trail, but it was closed! so, we ended up doing a different 2+ mile trail instead. we will conquer that other one when it opens in may!

on our way home, we ended up talking about our lack of christmas tree/christmas decor. in the midst of getting married and preparing to move 1000 miles away last year, we didn’t do very much in terms of decor. so…we needed to remedy that. we stopped by home depot and garden ridge to price some trees and look at potential ornaments.

we came home and priced trees online before coming up with a plan. after making some cookies while matt watched football, we headed to church. they started a new series for december called “the great wait”–and i think the series is going to be really good. it started off with talking about how so many waited for the Savior to be born–but how now we are waiting for His return. our culture, even in the church, is terrible at waiting–and i’m so guilty of being impatient, or getting distracted while i wait. but the Lord gave us instructions for while we wait for His return–to minister, serve, and love those who don’t know Him. great reminders, and i am really looking forward to the rest of the series.


we decided to go back to home depot to pick out our tree, so we swung by there on our way home, heated up some leftovers for dinner and watched the sec championship game. after the game we set up the tree and decorated!

sunday i made biscuits. this is kind of a big deal, because matt loves biscuits. and thankfully, they also turned out pretty good. after our biscuit and egg breakfast, we headed to the store(s) to grab some groceries. after taking care of a couple bills (and an application for our new home! more on this later), we made some lunch and headed to meijer to pick up a game for matt. the poor man hadn’t had a new video game in almost two years, plus we had terrible excuses for football games to watch and he is usually home earlier than me on fridays, so he has some time to fill. i took a nap and worked on some writing while he enjoyed that.


we also had steak for dinner! woohoo! matt made us some steak while i whipped up some mashed potatoes and salads. it was very american of us. at the end of the day, we watched the cowboys and clung to the last few moments of our weekend.

overall, our time was restful, productive, and great to spend time with each other. bring on the work week!


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  1. I love reading about your cute little married life. :)

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