for both of us, this thanksgiving was our first completely by ourselves.

we decided to stay in illinois for the holiday since it was close to $1000 just to fly down to dfw. can you believe that?! that’s not even counting a hotel, food, a rental car, etc. crazy!

so, we decided to splurge a little bit and purchase our own turkey. we made a turkey for easter, remember? we also made stuffing and other things, but we went straight traditional for our first thanksgiving as just us.

matt made our turkey and the stuffing. he went above and beyond, making a gluten free cornbread, and buying bread we could use so that i could also have the stuffing. the recipe he used for the stuffing is the same we made for our easter meal, just with the gluten free modifications. what a guy!

i had my first attempt at making candied yams. how easy are those? i had no idea, i just knew that i didn’t want to have marshmallows on them. so, we nixed that idea, and it was straight butter, sugar, cinnamon and nutmeg thrown into the oven with cubed sweet potatoes. also, if you check out the recipe link, i know it says to put it on the stove, but we had more room in the oven, so we adjusted and made it work.

i also made mashed potatoes and green beans–both i was familiar with and knew what my strategy would be.

for dessert, we made a gluten free pumpkin pie. i am very proud of this, mostly because it was all completely homemade. this also meant that it took forever, but it was well worth it. this morning we made a gluten-free crust, which needed to be frozen for about an hour before we could bake it. while the crust baked, we mixed the filling all up. i used the remaining pumpkin puree from the pumpkin soup recipe, and the taste test before pouring it into the crust was delicious! i also made some whip cream to top our pie with while i was waiting for something else to finish cooking.

great thanksgiving meal overall! while we miss our families and friends, we’re both so glad to be able to cook and spend the next few days together resting and relaxing. there is a lot to be thankful for!


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