new job!


man, i know it has been a few days since we last posted. i guess, the reason for that is because i’m happy to announce that i finally and thankfully have a job!

exciting stuff!

i hadn’t had work in almost a year, when i finished the semester at the school in texas before we moved. i had been looking, even in the midst of all this year has thrown at us, but the door hadn’t yet been opened.

and now. the door has been opened, something we feel is completely from the Lord. i am working at our church as the front desk coordinator. the position has a bunch of different roles, but primarily, ensuring there is a weekday presence at the front desk and phone.  it is full-time and something we are really excited about.

now, the bittersweet moment comes. lately, we’ve been feeling like we want to move back to texas. it has been hard to be so far away from them when so much is happening 1000 miles away. but, with the offer of this job coming just during this time, we both feel like the Lord was getting our attention that maybe our time in illinois isn’t quite over. so, even though we aren’t crazy about staying here, it seems like the Lord has us here and that perhaps we need to continue our stay in this area.

last week was my first week of work, a crazy and busy time, but we are adjusting. our weekends will turn into time when we clean, cook in preparation for the next week, grocery shop, and laundry. now we’re preparing for this next week, enjoying some football, and our last few minutes of rest together. life has changed for us, but we are thankful and feel that this is where we’re supposed to be!


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