you know how weekends are mostly supposed to be restful?

ours was. but it also wasn’t.

saturday we went into the city. we took advantage again of the bank of america deal and got to go to a chicago museum for free.  we visisted the adler planetarium and were both pleasantly surprised. it had a 8ish different exhibits, one of my favorites was the one about the discovery of space and space exploration as a part of the culture. really interesting with the kind of artifacts, the different cultures views on space, and even different instruments developed. the solar system exhibit was also really interesting, and they had a moon rock and several meteors that we could check out. 

after lunch, we had time to kill, so we went to the chicago cultural center. we hadn’t been since july, and they have different exhibits that come through, so we knew we would be able to see something different. plus, the building is beautiful and after walking about 6 miles already, our feet were thankful for a free, warm, and cozy place to sit and rest for awhile.

the other reason we went into the city was to visit with a friend from home! one of our friends from dfw was here for a little vacation, so we met up with her and her friend for dinner and dessert. it was fun to be able to catch up with her, chat about our friends back in fort worth, and hear about life. thankfully we made it on an early train back home. train rides are always interesting, this one was easily in our top 3, our co-passengers were in rare form.

sunday was relaxing, but also so busy! we went to church, made a tuna lunch and watched some football (read matt watched football, i took a snooze). then we did a few things to prepare for our week. i made a pumpkin puree for a soup we will eat later this week, baked a cake, and made a gf pizza crust. matt made a carne guisada, chopped some items for our pizzas, browned some meat for another meal later in the week and made chocolate ice cream. so…we were busy! we got a lot done for our week and were also able to rest.

looking forward to a great week!


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