50 bottles of beer

look at what happened this week! remember when we cooked our beer?

since we were hanging out in kansas city on friday (when our beer was finished with the minimum amount of days to be fermented), we decided to leave it and bottled this last wednesday.

what a process!

i think we were both a touch worried about this whole ordeal. we had no idea how long it would take, or how it would work out. but, we finished the whole process, including clean up in about an hour and a half. pretty good considering we had to cook and add priming sugar, transfer it to the bottling bucket, and then fill up 50 bottles!

we snapped just a couple pictures of the whole process, but hopefully you can kind of see what we did.

we had just popped the top off of the 5 gallon bucket, and matt is attaching the siphoning equipment. look at that! and it smelled wonderful! the recipe was for an irish stout, and it smelled delicious!

in our tiny kitchen siphoning the beer. let me tell you, the saving grace was that dinner was already made…otherwise things would have been crazy in our house. matt looks so happy to finally be able to look at the beer and to get it bottled.

our bottling process. matt is filling bottles, while i use the bottle topper to put the caps on. we used the dishwasher to sanitize all the bottles, and there is a box of filled bottles behind matt. quite an operation!

now we just wait another two weeks before we can crack the first one open. our patience isn’t good…but we’re hoping we did everything right so that it all turns out well!


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